Revolutionize Your Brand Presence with SmartRetail’s Interactive Advertising

Engage, Captivate, and Influence in Real Time

Elevate your advertising strategy with SmartRetail’s Interactive Advertising Solution. Transform ordinary wait times into captivating moments of brand interaction, reaching a dynamic and engaged audience like never before.

Unleash the Power of Screen Advertising

Active Consumer Engagement:
Screen advertising across our extensive vending and micromarket estate provides a unique opportunity to connect with an active and high-value consumer base, generating unparalleled awareness and reach.

Impressive Audience Metrics:
With a daily audience reach of over 180,000 consumers and more than 300,000 engagements per year, SmartRetail ensures your brand message reaches a vast and receptive audience.

Extended Dwell Time for Deeper Engagement

Extended Interaction Window:
Take advantage of a unique 3-minute dwell time during each transaction, providing an ideal opportunity to communicate more deeply and share engaging content with your audience.

Dynamic Touchscreen Solutions for Retail Impact

Strategic Positioning:
Our touchscreen solutions, strategically positioned at the point of sale, create dynamic brand awareness and support brand pull-through across various retail locations.

AI Facial Profiling for Real-Time Insights

Cutting-Edge AI Integration:
SmartRetail goes beyond traditional advertising with AI facial profiling. Our AI cameras instantly identify the gender and age group of the audience within a 5-meter and 60-degree range. Real-time profiling data provides advertisers with invaluable insights to enhance their DOOH campaigns.

Transform Wait Times into Brand Moments

Seize the opportunity to transform mundane wait times into powerful brand moments.

Discover the potential of SmartRetail’s Interactive Advertising Solution, delivering impactful and

memorable experiences to your target audience.

Feel free to customize the content to match your brand’s voice and

emphasize specific features of the Interactive Advertising Solution.

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