New MicroMarket HongKong

The Client: A banking client based in Hong Kong.

Challenge: Upgrade snack and hydration options with end-to-end solution.

What We Did: SmartRetail installed a MicroMarket offering an extended range of healthier snack and hydration options along with the usual favorites. End-to-end solution of the micromarket includes but not limited to: cashless payment, replenishment of product, hardware and customer support, and monthly performance reports.

Results: The customized solution for the client brought them closer to their consumers by providing access to wide range of quality snacks and drinks at any time.

Partnership Vending Malaysia

The Client: A collaboration partner who provides vending machines, refreshment products as well as systems solutions in various countries

Challenge: Use our AI technology for a fully automated sampling via unmanned vending machine

What We Did: Develop a QR Code redemption workflow

Results: The customized solution for the client brought them closer to customers by providing the flow that provided the dispense of free disinfectant spray through three simple steps available 24/7 giving the consumers their freedom to engage at their leisure.

Mandai Reserve Singapore

The Client: A self-funded organisation based in Singapore which manages the majority of zoos in the country. Campaign launched in March 2021.

Challenge: Use our Vending Machine as an automated Gift Redemption Kiosk in collaboration of WRS mobile app

What We Did: Develop a QR Code redemption workflow

Results: We customised for the client that our machine can dispense multiple goods by only 1 QR code so winners could get up to 3 gifts in one go!

New World Development Co Ltd

The Client: A key property development company in Hong Kong. Campaign launched in August 2020.

Challenge: Use our Vending Machine as a Mask Selling Machine in their Shopping Malls with a Self-Developed UI & Design

What We Did: Develop a Customized Purchase & Redemption flow for Mask Selling with Video Ads to support

Results: Machines grow from 10 machines to 30 machines within 6 months with impressive sales per month

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